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Unix for Oracle DBA

  1. Configure Password less SSH for User Equivalence between RAC Nodes/Servers
  2. Processor-Socket-Cores-CPUs
  3. Enable direct root Logins for Solaris 10
  4. Add disk and create mount /u01 for Oracle Software.
  5. Add Network Interface + Configure DNS + Cofigure SCAN IPs for 11gR2 RAC
  6. Solaris OS Login is slow when DNS server is down OR slow resolving when first nameserver is down.
  7. Change IP Address or Hostname in Solaris 10
  8. Sysadmin FAQ
  9. Unix-interactive-prompts
  10. What is LUN, and how do LUNs relate to volumes ?
  11. Raid Basics
  12. Raid Manager
  13. Ping issues
  14. Solaris One Liners
  15. Linux Links
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