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  1. Oracle 12c
  2. Quick one’s to remember
  3. Cross-Platform Transportable Database
  4. Check Oracle Client/Windows running on 64 Or 32 Bit
  5. Work with Oracle Trace or Alert log files using ADRCI
  6. Backup ORACLE Software using tar command-becareful with method you backup.
  7. RESIZE or AUTOEXTEND can Over-size Datafiles and Corrupt the Dictionary
  8. Undo Usage
  9. Redo log sizing advisor tips
  10. Edition-based redefinition allows multiple versions of PL/SQL objects.
  11. Duplicate Oracle TYPE’s Issue
  12. Metalink Note-ID’s
  13. Frequently Used Commands For DBA’s
  14. Oracle Issues [ ORA- ]
  15. Real Application Clusters
  16. Oracle Version Format
  17. Oracle New Features with different version released.
  18. SQL-Loader – External Table example
  19. Private DB Link Creation By SYS
  20. Log Mining
  21. Administration Checklists
  22. Difference between Select_Catalog_Role, Select Any Dictionary, Select Any Table and O7_DICTIONARY_ACCESSIBILITY
  23. Oracle Price Lists
  24. Oracle LicensingOracle Licensing
  25. Oracle Lifetime Support Policy: Oracle Technology Products
  26. Oracle Magazine Articles
  27. Excel – Oracle DataConnection
  28. Predicting-the-performance-of-an-oracles-database-redo-logs-on-asm-using-orion
  29. Oracle-golden-gate-initial-load
  30. Oracle DBA guide to data warehousing and star schemas
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