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February 20, 2012

  1. Download patch set by replacing your patch number :
  2. Troubleshooting: “log file sync” Waits (Doc ID 1376916.1)
  3. Troubleshooting I/O-related waits (Doc ID 223117.1)
  4. Troubleshooting 11.2 Grid Infrastructure Issues (Doc ID 1053970.1)
  5. What to Do if 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure is Unhealthy (Doc ID 1068835.1)
  6. Troubleshoot Grid Infrastructure Startup Issues (Doc ID 1050908.1)
  7. Troubleshooting CRSD Start up Issue (Doc ID 1323698.1)
  8. How to fix the “DiscoveryString in profile.xml” or “asm_diskstring in ASM” if set wrongly (Doc ID 1077094.1)
  9. How to Proceed from Failed 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure (CRS) Installation (Doc ID 942166.1)
  10. How to Proceed from Failed Upgrade to 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure on Linux/Unix (Doc ID 969254.1)
  11. Fails on the First Node for 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure Installation (Doc ID 1191783.1)
  12. How to Deconfigure/Reconfigure(Rebuild OCR) or Deinstall Grid Infrastructure (Doc ID 1377349.1)
  13. How To Rebuild a Corrupted CRS Home (Doc ID 1296093.1)
  14. root Script ( or Fails if ORACLE_BASE is set to /opt/oracle (Doc ID 1281913.1)
  15. Top 5 Issues That Cause Troubles with Scan VIP and Listeners (Doc ID 1373350.1)
  16. Linux: How to Configure the DNS Server for 11gR2 SCAN (Doc ID 1107295.1)
  17. DNS and DHCP Setup Example for Grid Infrastructure GNS (Doc ID 946452.1)
  18. Top 5 CRS/Grid Infrastructure Install issues (Doc ID 1367631.1)
  19. How to Apply a Grid Infrastructure Patch Before root script ( or is Executed? (Doc ID 1410202.1)
  20. Preparing For Changing the IP Address, Hostname or Domain Of Oracle Database Servers (Doc ID 363609.1)
  21. How to Modify Public Network Information including VIP in Oracle Clusterware (Doc ID 276434.1)
  22. How to Modify SCAN Setting or SCAN Listener Port after Installation (Doc ID 972500.1)
  23. How to Modify Private Network Information in Oracle Clusterware (Doc ID 283684.1)
  24. What Are And Scripts In A Standalone RDBMS Installation? (Doc ID 1493121.1)
  25. Why are files under $ORACLE_HOME owned by root user? (Doc ID 461144.1)
  26. Quick Reference to Patch Numbers for Database PSU, SPU(CPU), Bundle Patches and Patchsets (Doc ID 1454618.1)
  27. New Patch Nomenclature for Oracle Products (Doc ID 1430923.1)
  28. Information Center: Install and Configure Database Server/Client Installations (Doc ID 1351051.2)
  29. What is the Relationship between the COMPATIBLE Initialization Parameter and the Optimizer (Doc ID 1563364.1)
  30. COMPATIBLE Parameter – Explanation, Usage and Advise (Doc ID 1458741.1)
  31. Do Patchset Updates (PSU’s) Change the Oracle Release Version/Fifth Digit? (Doc ID 861152.1)
  32. Troubleshooting ORA-29740 in a RAC Environment (Doc ID 219361.1)
  33. Note 464666.1 – How to Send a File to The Support Through
  34. Note 77483.1 – External Support FTP site OR
  35. How to Relink Oracle Database Software on UNIX (Doc ID 131321.1)
  36. File System’s Buffer Cache versus Direct I/O [ID 462072.1]
  37. ORA-245: In RAC environment from 11.2 onwards Backup Or Snapshot controlfile needs to be in shared location (Doc ID 1472171.1)

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